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posted Feb 16, 2018, 9:41 PM by siam coverage   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:43 PM ]

Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) joins force with Expara, driving business journey of Life Sciences, under the project Thailand Startup for Life Sciences, in search of entrepreneurs incubating competencies to prepare for global competition and develop to be the new science and technology entrepreneurs following Thailand 4.0 policy. 

Mr. Chairat Sangchan, Deputy Director of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), disclosed “Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) plays a key role in developing, supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs to initiate life sciences startup business pertaining to the Government policy. So far, we have been sponsored by large organizations for investment and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The operation develops a group of Startup entrepreneurs owning innovative idea and product prototype extended to business as well as creating the ecosystem for Startup initiatives executed by other agencies. 

TCELS, therefore, launched the project Thailand Startup for Life Sciences in 2016, namely “Mini Life Sciences Mentorship Program 2016.” The 2nd consecutive project in 2017 was launched under the name “TCELS Life Sciences & MedTech Acceleration Program 2017” in collaboration with Expara (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a specialist in Startup development and investment, to support funding and consultancy for the project. Expara experiences financial and investment in Life Sciences business while TCELS is the organization possessing knowledge body and experience in Life Sciences. The cooperation searched and selected potential Startups, welcoming the new generation entrepreneurs forming Startup companies, researchers and students performing works related to medical equipment, cosmetics, medical robot and every area associated with heath care and medical to apply and participate in the project. The 10 final selected teams attended a 3-month program for growth acceleration training course and mentorship to develop product prototype and business plan to attract investors, enhance marketing capability and contributing to the new age economy. The final teams were trained at no cost and received supporting fund.
There were 32 applicants applying for the project. The 10 potential finalists were selected to attend a 3-month business training. After the course completion, we found 8 teams ready to enter the Life and Sciences business. The Demo Day will be organized on February 16, 2018. All 8 qualified teams will be presenting their projects to investors. In the final round, the 2 winning teams will receive funds from investors.”

“TCELS announces the winners and showcases success highlight from the project “TCELS Life Science & MedTech Acceleration Program 2017 Demo Day” today. The winning teams selected to receive investment fund are Brain Dynamics and MEID.” 

Mr. Douglas Keith Abrams, founder and director of Expara (Thailand) Co., Ltd., specialist in incubation and venture capital for Startups, unveiled “Expara is a Singapore-based company, pioneering and leading services including venture capital, incubation, acceleration, training and advising for Startup business in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia since 2003. We developed first workshop training courses for entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia and workshop training from experience for entrepreneurs. Our workshops focus on academic entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers. Expara has provided venture capital service for over 500 companies since 2007, advising service for 65 Startup businesses since 2010 and training service for over 6,000 entrepreneurs since 2001. We have assisted these companies to source fund from public and private sector, totaling SGD 55 million through advising and workshop projects and commercialize their ideas to effective business and financial plan. As a co-investor, however, the company is convinced that developing and supporting Life Sciences Startup in Thailand will be the great beginning for the Company spots potential of Thai Startups developing products and services relevant to trend and direction of global Life Sciences industry and potential of Thailand to become the Medical Hub in Asia.”