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new CEO of Vizrt Global and annouces a new business plan in order to embrace the growth of new media in the future

posted Jul 5, 2017, 12:40 PM by siam coverage   [ updated Jul 5, 2017, 12:42 PM ]

Vizrt reveals that the company has annouced a new global business plan after the new CEO has been on board in response to the potential growth of new media in the future. The brand differentiates itself from other players with its speed, quality, and experience in the world-class level technologies. Vizrt believes it will be the right solution for media and entertainment industry

Mr. Michael Hallen, CEO of VIzrt Global Corporate, says that online media or new media have started to play a major role in the digital broadcast industry because of the changes in consumer's media consumption behaviors. Consumer nowadays seems to move away from television to second screen. And this happens because of the demand to access to content anytime and anywhere. As the result, new media will become a significant part of the industry and it is neccessary that both producers and the owners have to establish appropriate approaches and policies to make themselves ready for this trend and find the best technologies that allow them to produce and broadcast quality content on the new media channel. This should be based on a wise investment budget plan which can also meet the consumer’s needs.

Considering this global trend, after being appointed as the new CEO of the company, Mr. Hallen decides to improve Vizrt's global business plan and the strategic policies in order to align the company with market changes and give the best benefits to its customers.

Mr. Hallen also says "In business management, we focus on the three pillars: reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and transparency. This concept is adopted in our development of technologies, software, and products, as well as our management structure. We make changes in some senior management roles and recruit the executives with extensive and successful experience in new media management to improve the management team and make our experts ready both in terms of knowledge and customer service skills. This is to ensure that, when investing in our products, our customers will have the best technologies that meet their needs and demands, which finally 

result in good income and profits. Additionally, they will be able to manage their investment budget in the most efficient way. Today, we are very proud that customers all around the world have entrusted us by using our technologies and services and standing beside us for decades, especially when new media emerges. Apart from our knowledge and experties, they also believe that we can develop our systems further and offer solutions that allow them to manage their budget wisely and meet their demands"

Mr. Michael Namatinia, President of Vizrt Asia Pacific, says that Mr. Michael Hallen's policies have been adopted and fully implemented by the APAC management. With these strategic policies, Vizrt Global will drive the growth of new media market in the region and offer added values and profits to the clients who use Vizrt's technologies. Today, Vizrt Asia Pacific serves customers in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, China, Japan, Korea, India, including all South East Asia countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. With our 14 branches, Vizrt is committed to forming our product specialists and technical teams who are dedicated to serve and take care of the customers in their local areas with full capacity using local languages. Vizrt develops software and provides one-stop service to media and entertainment businesses. Given that Thailand has high investment potential, good infrastructures, excellent international airports and transportation, skilled workforce, as well as development and growth of digital TV and new media businesses, and that its neighbor countries e.g. Burma are granting more digital TV licenses to private companies, Vizrt sees the opportunity and chooses Thailand as its regional base for Vizrt Asia Pacific since 2006.

Ms. Yupapak Tawanna, Regional Director says that this is a great opportunity for Thailand to be chosen as the Vizrt Asia Pacific Headquarters. The company still continues to invest in Thailand country in order to develop knowledge and abilities of Vizrt’s product specialists based in Thailand which comprises a majority of Thai members and those who come from USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, and Israel. This is to make sure that they are ready to serve and provide after-sale services to the customers in an efficient, friendly, and timely manner. We would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to our customers who have entrusted us for more than a decade since we opened our business entity in Thailand. Vizrt provides complete solutions for media and entertainment industries. Our customers include major broadcasters and media companies; such as Channel 3 (Ch3 HD, Ch3 SD and Ch3 Family), Channel 5 HD, Channel 7 HD, ThaiPBS, TRTV, PPTV, True4U, True Vision, New TV, Voice TV in Thailand; MRTV (government's channel) and MITV in Burma; and VTVcab in Vietnam etc. Today, Thailand is a good role model for the television stations in this region and there are a lot of prospects in Asia visiting us in Thailand. This is a great honor for Vizrt.

"Difference in presentation and quality of content are important factors that Broadcasters and media companies have to focus on to retain their audience in the long term and achieve high ratings in order to gain more profits from commercials that are moving to new media. Creative content and innovative presentation that can attract attention from young generations is a great strategy, hence it is necessary that TV stations nowadays have to use technologies that help broadcast their quality content to the audience in a fast, accurate, and interesting way. This becomes an extremely important factor that determines the true success of the business in this industry. With our internationally-proven content management technologies, together with our extensive experience and new management team who never stop create and develop innovations and quality of our products, as well as our best customer services in the global media and entertainment industries, we believe that Vizrt can help new TV channels reinforce their strength and gain more profits from these new channels."

"Our global major customers now include CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NFL, & The Weather Channel in the USA; BBC World, SKY, ITN, Canal Plus, NRK, TV2, ZDF, ORF, & Red Bull in the UK and Europe; Aljazeera, MBC, Be-in channel in UAE; NHK (Japan), CCTV (China), Star TV, Zee TV (India), and Media Corp (Singapore), to mention but a few. This assures media business and TV stations in Thailand and its neighbor countries that Vizrt's technologies can definitely meet their demands" Ms. Yupapak concludes.