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Makro Celebrates 30th Anniversary as Thailand’s No.1 Food Solution Provider

posted Apr 10, 2019, 6:20 PM by siam coverage   [ updated Apr 10, 2019, 6:22 PM ]

Move Toward “Makro 4.0” through 6 Strategic Goals for Economic Sustainability

Stepping into its 30th year of operation, Makro revealed the financial highlights of 2018 with an increase of 3.3% in revenue and its determination to strive for Makro 4.0 era which not only focuses on being a trusted partner for professional customers, but also on enhancing people’s lives. To best serve customers in the digital age, Makro aims to modernize its organization by connecting its online and offline channels, along with promoting its 6 key goals in business operation under the concept “The Creative Companionship towards Sustainability.”

Mrs. Suchada Ithijarukul, Group Chief Executive Officer, Siam Makro Public Company Limited, disclosed, “On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Siam Makro Group, the largest wholesale membership distributor in Thailand, the Company aims to establish itself as “Makro 4.0 Enhancing People’s Lives” under the new concept of “The Creative Companionship towards Sustainability”. Nonetheless, Makro still upholds our vision to be number one food solution provider for professional customers by offering a full assortments of quality products at low prices – affirming our position as a trusted partner for our customers nationwide.”

Throughout 30 years of operation, Makro has achieved business successes by adopting technology, creativity, and innovation; while also ensured mutual growth of the community, the society, and the country through 6 Strategic Goals, namely:

1) Be Point of Reference for Food Safety – Makro places a great deal of emphasis on food safety. We strive to meet the demands of our food-business-operator customers, as well as modern-day consumers who value their health and well-being and willingly spend their money on safe foods per the regulations of their country.

2) Strengthen Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing – As Makro continues to value the ability to trace products back to their sources, we are committed to working only with lawful producers and suppliers. In addition, we always take the sustainability of our environment into consideration to make sure of mutual growth.

3) Reduce Environmental Impact – Because Makro is keenly aware of the value of the environment and natural resources, we are committed to expending natural resources and energy in the most efficient manner possible for the utmost benefit, including our efforts to ensure that all of our processes are environmentally friendly.

4) Local Love – Makro hopes to be loved by the local communities that surround our stores. To this end, we strive to be beneficial to them, whether by creating jobs locally, providing retail management education to small local retailers and equipping youths with retail-management knowledge that helps them better their local stores.

5) Make Our Customers Prosper – Makro committedly studies potential technologies and develops them into business channels to facilitate our customers’ business processes, increase their profits and foster sustainable growth in the new era of competition. These efforts will bring about satisfaction among our customers, ensuring their loyalty in the long run.

6) Be Employer of Choice – Makro strives to be one of the top 5 organizations that people, especially new graduates, want to work with. Additionally, we have begun conducting an engagement survey among our existing personnel, the results of which will be used to transform Makro into an organization for all ages.

These strategies have been crucial to the successes and prosperity Makro has achieved over the years; and also contributed to its stakeholders’ better quality of lives. Furthermore, the Company has integrated technology and innovation into its organization in order to efficiently serve the needs of customers in the digital era. The Company leveraged Big Data to analyze its extensive customer base of more than 3 million customers, and to develop products and services that appropriately respond to their unique needs through various online channels, including,, Makro Application, and Makro Line Official.

“In Thailand, there are currently 129 Makro stores in total. These can be divided to 79 Makro Classic stores, 25 Makro Foodservice stores, 13 Eco Plus stores, 5 Makro Food shops, and 7 Siam Frozen shops. The Company has also branched out overseas to 8 countries in Asia,” said Mrs. Suchada.

Makro’s total revenues in the fiscal year 2018 attained an increase of 3.3% compared to the previous year due to a sustained growth of Thai economy in the first quarter of 2018, as well as the growth of tourism sector which saw the higher number of international tourist arrivals. Both factors helped generate more business opportunities for the wholesale and retail industry. This year, to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Makro continues to expand its wings by opening additional Makro Food Service stores and the very first Makro Digital Store in Lat Krabang.  In addition, the Company is planning to carry out various projects and activities, including Business Matching with SMEs suppliers; “Say Hi to Bio Say No to Foam” Project to promote the use of eco-friendly packaging; Makro Charity Run for Border Patrol Police Schools and Young Shohuay for Sustainable Lunch Project.

Makro is determined to become a trusted partner for our professional customers by providing the best wholesale solutions and the best value for money, while also giving back to the society and sustainably enhancing the quality of lives for our stakeholders which include our partners, customers, local communities, and employees; thus, staying true to our core intention of “Enhancing People’s Lives”.