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G-ABLE reinforces its leadership as Digital Transformation Agent by introducing the solutions for Big Data, Marketing Technology and Cloud to help Thai corporates to successfully and effectively go through digital transformation

posted Apr 27, 2017, 5:30 AM by Siam Coverage TV   [ updated May 1, 2017, 9:30 AM ]
This year, G-ABLE will continue to focus on delivering core solutions such as Big Data, Marketing Technology and Cloud Infrastructure since these are key elements in performing Digital Transformation to organizations under the three main concepts of company including making a business to be Measured, Automated and Expanded to support growth (Scalable).

Bangkok, April 26, 2017 - G-ABLE, continues to be a leader in providing integrated IT solutions for the reformation of Thai enterprises or Digital Transformation Agent after last year, G-ABLE involved in revolutionizing business organizations in all industries. It is expected that this year is another year G-ABLE's 3 core investments will bear explicit yield. One of them is the development of an advanced Big Data solution by Thai experts.

Mr. Suthep Oonmettachit, President of G-ABLE Group revealed that this year, G-ABLE will continue to focus on its strategy to position itself as Digital Transformation Agent with aims to help the customers in digital transformation for business expansion in the digital era. There are three Flagship Solutions which are Big Data, Digital Marketing and Cloud Infrastructure.

“G-ABLE believes that the key concept of doing Digital Transformation for G-ABLE comprises 3 things including the ability to measure, automate, and scale the business to make it more competitive with IT and Digital Technologies."

The flagship solutions including Marketing Technology, Big Data and Cloud Infrastructure are only part of G-ABLE's several strategies and business-driven solutions available for its corporate customers. G-ABLE segments its Digital Transformation Agent solutions into 3 subgroups: Modern Digital, Enterprise and Infrastructure Solutions. Details are as follows:

Infrastructure Solutions: Cloud Infrastructure is a modern solution for the IT infrastructure that emphasizes the changing complex IT infrastructure to be easier and more efficient like Cloud Infrastructure & Platform, IT Operation Management. The flagship solution in this group is Cloud Infrastructure.
Enterprise Solutions: Digital Marketing is a modern solution that focuses on building business advantages with technology for large enterprises like Enterprise Business Solutions, Enterprise Communication and Marketing Technology (MarTech). The flagship solution in this group is Marketing Technology.
Modern Digital Solutions: is a modern and innovative solution for driving businesses with a stress on advanced digital technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Artifact Intelligent, Internet of Things. 

These are designed to help enhance potential of existing solutions to meet customers’ demands at its maximum. Flagship solution in this group is Big Data.

“The reason why G-ABLE selected 3 flagship solutions which include Big Data, Marketing Technology and Cloud Infrastructure, is because they are key elements in performing Digital Transformation for organisations. We will start from the lower level; Infrastructure with its stability to support for business expansion and middle level; Big Data to store and analyze data for better business decisions, up to the top level; Digital Marketing- the use of huge Big Data to raise sales volume through advanced digital channels,"

Big Data Total Solutions, continues business growth following its success in 2016

Last year we invested in creating our own innovation. More evidently, G-ABLE has established the first integrated Big Data Experience Center in Thailand to provide consultation and share experiences. It also promotes the development of advanced data solutions by Thai people to be tangibly used in many leading organizations.

In 2016, G-ABLE’s total sales of Big Data solutions grew by 86% concentrating on the implementation of Digital Transformation for leading organizations to increase their competitiveness in time of digital.

Marketing Technology is the real ‘Digital Marketing’

2017 is the year that every business entrepreneur should invest in Digital Marketing that can provide real time results and measurable business. However, most Digital Marketing in the market in the past is just basic digital production not relying on the use of marketing technology (Marketing Technologies) to help business innovation.

"If you look at global companies that are doing Digital Marketing, they will not focus on making creative ads as most Thai people understand. They have a huge investment in technology and engineering especially High Performance Website, ROI Optimization and Marketing Cloud. These are what G-ABLE outperforms the traditional agencies in the market because their strengths rely mainly on traditional Creative Productions. We will focus on Automation Technology for all solutions, equipped with effective automatic algorithmic management system, and Measurable Technology so that the customers can be confident in what they have invested because it can generate revenue concretely.”Cloud is still on the rise.

In global market, it is likely that the value of the Cloud market will grow to about double the current market value to $ 195 billion ($ 6.825 trillion) in the year 2020. Total sales of IT Infrastructure for Private Cloud and Public Cloud will grow at 15.7% while the sales of IT Infrastructure for other systems, including Server, Storage, and Ethernet Switch, face contraction at 2.7% (according to IDC, data as of 2016). It is expected that the proportion between Traditional IT structure and Cloud Infrastructure will switch to 55% to 45% in 2019.

G-ABLE has its extensive experience in developing and maintenance Data Center for the customers for a long time. The company presents solutions that can raise efficiency for management Data Center comprehensively, starting with upgrading data center with 3rd generation platform, virtualization and creating private cloud, linking between data center and public cloud with system that are compatible with Hybrid Cloud.

Suthep concluded." In fact, doing Transformation for customers is not new to G-ABLE because G-ABLE has more than 28 years of experience in providing solutions for leading companies in Thailand. Digital Transformation is deployed in a large scale because customers need reliable and dependable professionals who will be with them in the long run professionally. Our strength is that G-ABLE offers all-in-one centralized services (Total Solutions), enabling customers’ confidence in the management of large projects with business diversities and techniques. This year we plan for 3 key investments: People, Partner and Technology. Especially for People segment, we hire people more than 50%, in the teams in charge with all solutions.”