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" Brand Footprint Award 2018"

posted Oct 1, 2018, 4:01 AM by siam coverage   [ updated Oct 1, 2018, 4:03 AM ]

" Brand Footprint Award 2018" The important movement of DPO to reinforce "Red Cow" is the Top of Mind brand for consumers. Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand ( DPO) is a producer of Thai-Denmark dairy products known as "Red Cow milk” that the first started dairy farming in Thailand.

Red Cow is a recognized brand that has a strong marketing position with 100% of fresh milk and high nutrition of food safety. DPO gains in popularity among Thai people for about 56 years. As a result of research and development to improve product quality , DPO invested to develop modern factories in four regions of Thailand in order to prepare for the competition in domestic and Asean Countries. DPO set the target to be the National Milk brand with the sale volume at 12 million bath during 2017-2121 under five years plan In the past, DPO focused on brand building, adjusting marketing 

strategies by emphasizing on consumer access and intimate to create awareness and acceptance. The strong point of Thai -Denmark milk is the 100% of pure fresh milk with no milk powder.

Currently, Thai- Denmark milk products include UHT, Pasteurized milk, Ready drinking yogurt, Thai-Denmark Morganic (Organic Pasteurized milk & Yogurt Organic), Milk ice cream, Thai- Denmark drinking water, School milk and other services such as veterinary services, artificial insemination, training and agrotourism.

According to Dr. Narongrit Wongsuwan, Director -General of Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand ( DPO) said the developed milk products continually , Kantar Worldpanel co., a subsidiary of WPP, the world leader in specialization consumer behavior analysis, has rated Thai – Denmark milk for "Brand Footprint Award 2018” under Up And Comers categories as the highest growth brand of family consumers.

"It is DPO pride for the best-selling brand ranking among family consumers in the country. The ranking was in line with the current marketing target of DPO which the existing consumer bases are the parents with a long history over 56 years. DPO has set a goal to drive Thai-Denmark dairy to be Top of Mind brand in 2021 that it is not too far to reach the target. " Dr. Narongrit said.

For "Brand Footprint Award 2018”, Kantar Worldpanel co., analyzed and surveyed consumer behavior and spending for six years . The study covered more than 547 popular brands in Thailand. The company analyzed spending behavior more than 245 times from 24.7 million of Thai households spending in provincial and urban area . 

Dr.Narongrit added this award is a great motivation to accelerate product development and strength for Thai- Denmark dairy products. DPO will speed up to expand consumer base of all ages. Currently, more than 50% of customers are parents who buy dairy products for their children. The development of product varities will help the company to expand more target groups.Recently, DPO launched UHT milk with the marketing cooperation of Mc Thai co. to distribute Thai- Denmark milk for teenagers aged 15-22. Meanwhile ,in collaboration with Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), DPO has the research and development in various areas to increase competitiveness and fill all market gaps.

Currently , dairy market growth is averaged at 3-5% per year with sale volumes over 50 million baht. Thai national had consumption milk rate is averaged at 14 liters / person / year. Therefore, it is the high potential for Thai- Denmark milk to increase UHT milk market share. Thai- Denmark milk has the biggest market share in the general milk market now. In 2018 ,DPO set sale volume target at 9.56 million baht, the company plans to expand customer bases in all ages. The new flavors and categories will be created to serve customers. Product innovations will help the company to add value and competitive in the market. DPO will officially launch organic yogurt soon focusing on premium brand . The manufacturing process with the traceability system is the important progress in milk industry.